Meet Cosmetics Consultants Europe

Published: 8-Feb-2024

CCE share in their own words who they are and what they do

Cosmetics Consultants Europe: "We are an association uniting consultants working in cosmetics-/cosmetic ingredients, personal care & borderline industries. Established & chartered under Belgium law with an office in Brussels, CCE is a member of the EU Working Party; thus, our members are directly involved with the Cosmetic Product Regulation and possess access to EU legislation updates."

The transfer of knowledge among the member's clients generates a common understanding and results in a significant improvement over the "one-consultant” response with these core services:

• Professional Safety Assessments (SA), dossier filing (PIFs), Notification to the CPNP
• Cosmetics Safety Assessment e-Modules (6) - Provided by our EU / UK expert members
• Representation: CPR-RP, REACH OR / Regulatory Affairs, Global Cosmetic Regulations
• Technical Knowledge / GMP advising / Product Development, Marketing & Consulting

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