Keeps urban stress away from hair and scalp!

Published: 8-Jun-2022

RADICARE-ECO from RAHN is a powerful antioxidant inspired by sophisticated protection mechanisms found in leaves and fruit husks of plants. It protects hair and scalp against deleterious urban airborne particulate matter and UV

An urban lifestyle is exciting and brings with it a wealth of possibilities. But we often have to find a way of achieving a balance between a very fast-paced life and a more sedate form of living that does not involve stress. Hair and scalp are also daily exposed, in addition to the most common mechanical and chemical stressors, to ever-increasing air pollution and the impact of UV irradiation.

Long-term exposure to particulate matter and solar irradiation is known to induce chemical damage to both hair and scalp because of the toxic and oxidising pollutants that become attached to them. RADICARE®-ECO forms a non-occlusive shield against urban pollution and protects hair and scalp against environmental stress.

Ex-vivo studies of hair revealed highly significant inhibition of keratin oxidation in all hair layers. Hair integrity was improved without weighing down as seen in conventional conditioner treatment. The gloss of bleached and chlorine-stressed hair was successfully protected. Furthermore, RADICARE®-ECO intensifies the colour tone in hair dyes.

RADICARE®-ECO is based on a powerful trio of rosmarinic acid from lemon balm, young shoots of barley grass and α-glucosyl hesperidin. Its supply and production chain is climate-neutral.

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