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Jland Biotech presents vegan collagen Biollagen: wholly derived from Pichia Pastoris engineering yeast using our patented high-density fermentation and high-efficiency separation and purification process

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The patented fermentation process produces a non-allergic high- performance vegan collagen, with 200 times the performance of traditional animal extracted collagen.

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Biollagen Vegan Collagen

  • Safe to use with low immunogenicity and is non-allergenic
  • High-performance collagen with excellent biocompatibility - high and uniform transdermal absorptivity
  • Economical to use with 200 times the performance of traditional animal-extracted collagen
  • Vegan and Halal accredited
  • EFfCI, GMPC, ISO22716, ISO13485 compliant
  • Virtually odourless
Jiangsu JLand Biotech

Product advantages

  • 100% animal free, cruelty free
  • No risks of animal virus
  • No immunogenic and allergenic risks as Biollagen sequence has no immunogenic ends
  • Highly biocompatible with human collagen, non-allergenic, no risk of skin irritation or any other reactions caused by animal-based collagen
  • Large industrial production scale with over 24.8G/L up to 1000kg p. a.
  • Excellent water solubility. Instantly dissolved in water
  • High trans-dermal absorptivity
  • Promoting cell proliferation
  • Offering efficient anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing and moisturising effects and also lightening and repairing skin
  • PH-neutral, compatible with many cosmetic and medical products

Jland Biotechs earns the vegan hallmark for its advanced non-animal derived collagen Biollagen

David Bill, spokesperson for Jland European sales office, said: "It was essential for us to to get vegan accreditation because vegans will now be able to get the same cosmetic collagen performance as non-vegans.

"Furthermore, our research reveals that virtually all mainstream cosmetic companies are now also actively looking to replace animal-derived collagen with a non-animal derived collagen. As consumers become more aware of what is in their cosmetic products, there is a growing aversion to using a product derived from animal parts, if there is a non-animal alternative available."

Many attempts by many parties have failed to make fermented collagen viable; The yield had always been too small and the cost has been too high to be economical.

Jland Biotech cracked this technological barrier by developing their patented fermentation technology starting from the pichia pastoris bacteria.

Biollagen also has several technical advantages over traditional animal-derived collagen. Biollagen:

  • Has about 200 times the efficacy of standard fish collagen, so only minute dosages are needed to get the same effect
  • pH neutral, compatible with many cosmetic & medical products and will not affect the acid-base balance
  • Highly consistent with human collagen, non-allergenic, no risk of skin irritation or any other reactions caused by animal-based collagen
  • Excellent water solubility. Disolves instantly in water with no need for solubility additives
  • Good transdermal absorption and good bioactivity
  • Excellent and efficient anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing properties
  • Virtually odourless. No need to mask the smell in the cosmetic formulation
  • Safe: No risk of viral cross infection.

Contact details

Jlandbiotech has undertaken several independent studies to prove everything we claim. For more information, please contact:

Jiangsu JLand Biotech

Chinese contact: Serene Yuan, email 袁亚丽 yyl@jlandbiotech.com
European contact: David Bill, email davidbill@jlandbiotech.eu

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