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More than 10 years unlocking the power of cosmetic with our novel delivery systems

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Founded in 2006, we are:

  • A private, independent, innovative and technology-drive biotech company
  • With SPECIAL FOCUS on the research, process, development, synthesis and manufacture of NOVEL ACTIVE DELIVERY SYSTEMS for cosmetic applications and other innovative compounds
  • A strong R&D Department as key. Located at Barcelona Science Park
  • 50% Technical & R&D staff over 6 nationalities and scientific background
  • 130 sqm of State-of-the art laboratories
  • +9 different delivery systems
  • 10 Patents
  • 15% Turnover: Yearly Expected Commitment in R&D Investment
  • New facilities to face growth 1500 sqm
  • Pharma-grade manufacturing plant and 1000 sqm offices
  • Automated equipment
  • + 700 regular and bespoke products since 2006
  • ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 22716:2007
  • More than 35 distributors worldwide.

Delivery systems

A reality in pharmaceutics, now boosting cosmetics´s efficacy with measurable precision.

Active ingredients and delivery systems team up. A cosmetic delivery system is the technology created by formulators to incorporate, integrate, protect, and stabilize the active ingredients within a skincare, personal care, or cosmetic product.

And it is this integration of active ingredients that make cosmetic delivery systems so vitally important to product formulations. Active ingredients rely on innovative, effective delivery systems to make good on the claims found on skincare, personal care, or beauty product labels and packaging.

Although many consumers are unaware of the important role delivery systems play in their favorite skincare product, delivery systems are one of the most critical components to ensuring the overall functionality and performance of a product.

The Cosmetic Drone:
The most advanced novel delivery systems. Cell targeting. Bring the actives where are needed with surgical precision.

Luxury delivery system for premium cosmetics. Actives conjugated to novel carriers made of Nobel metals and precious stones.

The first novel delivery system developed for sensitive skin with intrinsic anti-inflammatory properties and made with Omega-3.

A traditional delivery system in cosmetics.

ACA capsules:
The most versatile novel delivery system based on ECO polymers.

Hair micro adhesives:
Novel active delivery system for hair care. Give some air to hair.

A novel delivery system with semi-occlusive film-forming properties.

Wax capsules:
The best novel delivery system for oil soluble actives.

Molecular firms:
Thin functional layers over skin with semi-occlusive properties. Made of vegetal-origin polymers.


  • Active stablisation, boosting penetration speed
  • Long-lasting time-released benefits
  • Even actively targeted delievery

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