Optimising vitamin D for cosmetics


Vytrus Biotech proposes a new concept for achieving plump and luminous skin

Optimising vitamin D for cosmetics

Vitamin D deficiency is a worldwide pandemic affecting over 1 billion people worldwide[1], and it urgently needs to be addressed to prevent morbidity, mortality and the increasing expenses related to the treatment of the involved chronic illnesses[2].

Described as ‘the sun vitamin’, vitamin D is a steroid with hormone-like activity. It regulates the functions of over 1,000 genes and it is essential for growth and development. Current research indicates that vitamin D deficiency is involved in several illnesses such as heart and autoimmune diseases, amongst others[3].

Although there is clinical evidence that links vitamin D deficiency with different illnesses and physiological malfunctions, less is known about the role of vitamin D directly on the skin. Vitamin D is synthesised topically and distributed throughout the body. This vitamin D has a direct effect on the skin’s health and appearance, and Vytrus Biotech has been looking deeper into this field and how to apply it to cosmetics.


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