How to make a natural toothpaste

Published: 6-Jul-2022

Weleda Pharmacist Evelyn Liddell explains what goes into a natural toothpaste

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Natural toothpastes are not as simple to make as one might imagine. In this article, Weleda Pharmacist Evelyn Liddell discusses what can go into a natural toothpaste formulations and, importantly, what needs to stay out.

How to make a natural toothpaste

The formulation of a truly natural toothpaste is trickier than it sounds. At Weleda we have been making natural dental products since the early 1920s when our original toothpaste and mouthwash were first introduced – both of which are still going strong 100 years on.

The first step is to work with dentists and pharmacists when formulating, to understand what is needed. As a result, the range contains effective plant extracts, with powerful plant actives harnessed in a natural mineral base or plant-based gel to clean teeth gently but thoroughly, prevent the build-up of plaque, keep gums healthy and breath fresh.

If ingredients can be home grown, organically, as at Weleda, that is the most sustainable – ingredients can then be picked and used at their freshest, with minimum transportation, for example calendula, which is valued for its healing properties and as an effective natural antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal.

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