Givaudan launches SaniScent for hygiene

By Julia Wray | Published: 28-Apr-2022

Fragrance specialist’s new platform combines six technologies to reinforce a sense of hygiene across product categories

Fragrance giant Givaudan has introduced a new platform for the hygiene industry.

The SaniScent platform provides Givaudan customers with six technologies to reassure, protect, reward and reinforce a sense of hygiene.

It includes SaniScent Essentail Oils, covering a wide range of olfactive territories; SaniScent Protect, a proprietary technology with bacterial growth inhibition as a secondary benefit; Micellar fragrances: gently cleaning formulations across all categories; Hygiene heart capsules to boost the hygiene profile of fragrance encapsulation technologies; and the Phytogaia hygiene collection, for natural purification inspired by phytoncides.

According to Givaudan, the initiative was powered by a shift in attitudes to hygiene post-pandemic.

Today, 83% of consumers wash their hands more frequently, while 39% do their laundry more often.

The focus on hygiene has also led to a 48% increase in the purchase of liquid soap and a 47% increase in surface cleansers.

“Since the pandemic, consumers have re-prioritised their hygiene and wellbeing,” said Jeremy Compton, Givaudan's Global Head of Science & Technology for Fragrances.

“This change in behaviour has led to a demand for higher expectations in hygiene offerings that can effectively deliver a strong combination of hygiene and sensorial benefits.

“The SaniScent platform is the most comprehensive range of hygiene technologies to date and delivers on this consumer demand by empowering customers to offer end-users olfactive directions across all hygiene and care categories.”

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