GEKA's fusionAPPLICATOR recognised as high-precision skin care applicator by expert committee

Published: 16-Jun-2021

GEKA will showcase its latest packaging solutions for liquid cosmetics and skincare products at this year’s MakeUp in Shanghai exhibition. Selected from around 40 products, the company’s new fusionAPPLICATOR has received a prestigious IT PRODUCTS award and will be highlighted at the event’s innovation kiosk

With a well-established history in packaging solutions for cosmetics and with over 600 patents and 4’000 brush designs to its name, GEKA is a true trendsetter that delivers innovative solutions to wide spectrum of customers in the beauty industry.

“When it comes to applying skin care products, the main challenges that end-users face are hygiene, wastage and product longevity,” says Alexandre Daniellot, Global Sales Director at GEKA.

“We analysed these three issues and developed a solution that combats them all. The fusionAPPLICATOR is hygienic and precise, designed to deliver products that stay fresher for longer.”

Applying skin care solutions with cotton buds or flocked applicators massively reduces product sterility as the fibers can adhere to skin during application. Finger application also carries a high risk of introducing pathogens to the skin. In addition to this, both methods compromise dosage accuracy and cause product waste.

The fusionAPPLICATOR features 50 micro-bristles made from pharma-grade material. These have a base diameter of 0.35mm and tip diameter of 0.08mm, enabling the smooth application of skin care products.

Located in the middle of the device is a reservoir zone with no bristles to pick up the liquid or semi-solid formulas. Combined, these design characteristics deliver maximum precision, both in formula dosage and application.

GEKA’s design of the micro-bristles incorporates adjusted rigidity and specific geometry to ensure they are resilient and kind to the skin. The bristles have been developed to minimise spread, allowing them to reach hard-to-access areas while preventing any pick-up of contamination from the skin.

The reservoir zone also means a higher dose of product can be administered per use, further reducing skin contact and maximising hygiene.

“We’re excited that our fusionAPPLICATOR has been recognised by the MakeUp in experts as a leading innovative skin care packaging solution.” adds Alexandre Daniellot.

“This is a real honor, and we can’t wait to meet everyone at MakeUp in Shanghai to show them the latest additions to our product range!”

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