GEKA launches pureOBSESSION premium collection

Published: 8-Oct-2019

The collection is characterised by high-end components and luxury decoration finishes

The premium collection pureOBSESSION is a touch of luxe. High-graded decoration effects on elegant packaging are paired with high-performance applicators for makeup excellence. The collection includes a mascara, a lip gloss, a liquid concealer, a liquid eyeshadow as well as a multi-benefit makeup brush and a sophisticated clutch.

The mascara of this collection was defined for a charming lash look. Instant volume and lovely length are easy conjured-up with the new charmingLASHES brush.

The secret is the GEKA exclusive two-component EOSbombyx2K fiber: the special notched fiber structure achieves an impressive volume effect. The notches serve as bulk reservoir zones and act as real volume boosters.

Thanks to the two-component fiber with the soft outer shell, the application feeling is smooth and comfortable, while the stiff fiber core helps to lift-up the lashes for an extra curling effect.

The strong fiber grabs lashes by the roots and enables well-defined separated lashes. The pointed brush tip allows for precise application in the inner eye corners without smudging.

The premium mascara packaging is a real eye-catcher with the special cap decoration: flake lacquering is paired with double anodization of the bottle. The slim and tall packaging design together with the coolness of the aluminum give a high-quality effect to the packaging.

Lips get seductively colored in light rose and easily contoured with GEKA's gentleLIPS applicator. Registered in design, the two-component applicator is wonderful flattering to the lips.

The flexible spatula pampers lips with the soft flocking and allows for an even color distribution in combination with stripe less make-up results. It appears in GEKA's brand-new heavy-walled packaging in squared design.

Shiny hot foil printing on the heavy-walled bottle create an extraordinary glass bottle effect for a high-end packaging character. The high-bottle neck does not require a cheater band and opens the possibilities for artwork creation.

The geometrical patterned cap gives the packaging its final touch. A must-have for a tempting lip finish. The liquid concealer conjures-up a flawless look by using GEKA's large applicator, designed by Hollywood Makeup artist Michele Burke.

Shape inspired by her talented pinky finger, the applicator is a real “power loader” thanks to the ergonomic shape. This extra flocked applicator is easy to cover dark spots, skin imperfections and under-eye circles precisely and exactly.

The heavy-walled 4-edged bottle with metal cap in rose gold and elegant lace pattern is simply irresistible. The fine line print of the cap and the shiny hot foil lettering on the bottle create a highly luxurious concealer product.

The glamourous eye make-up is completed by eyelids, that shimmer thanks to the liquid eyeshadow in rose gold with pearly pigments. The flocked applicator in a classic shape, slides effortlessly over the eyelids to highlight and enchant the make-up look.

The pointed tip and the small size give a precise and exact application with very easy handling. The spatula design allows for streak-free and well-dosed texture distribution.

It appears in the brand-new heavy-walled mini packaging, that completes GEKA's squared packaging line. The filling volume is max. 1,5 ml and is ideal for promotional boxes.

Its cap is metallized in premium silver and complement the high-end mini eyeshadow. The sophisticated clutch and the 4-in-1 brush are sourced by GEKA's accessories division:

Mauve imitation leather and beige imitation suede to create a classy chic clutch. The rosé gold magnetic ring closure gives the handbag a noble topping.

Perfectly prepared for every lip and eye makeup thanks to our high quality 4-in-1 brush in champagne made of aluminum. It includes two eye- and lip brushes made of synthetic hair for precise application.

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