Fans call out Jeffree Star Cosmetics for ‘sinister’ gun collaboration

By Becky Bargh | Published: 11-Apr-2022

Beauty influencer’s new firearm, launched in collaboration with arms manufacturer Beretta, is adorned in his brand’s signature pink colour

Controversial beauty entrepreneur Jeffree Star is in hot water with consumers once again for launching a branded gun.

The Jeffree Star Cosmetics custom-made firearm was developed in partnership with arms manufacturer Beretta – but has received backlash from customers, with some brandishing his acts “disgusting”.

“Stop glamourising firearms,” one Instagram user wrote on the Star’s Instagram.

“Prioritising such violence, which is responsible for thousands of innocent children's deaths, is disgusting.

“All you are doing is perpetuating the normalisation of abuse, fear and anger.”

Another Twitter user said that the launch was “sinister”.

“Gonna be a lot of YAs [young adults] suddenly wanting a gun for their mirror collection,” they added [sic].

Star revealed the “special moment” in a 13-minute video via his YouTube channel, which was filmed at the Beretta manufacturer in Tennessee, US.

“It’s like Christmas, New Year’s and my birthday put together,” Star said.

“It’s such a badass pink gun and I can’t get over it.”

In the reveal, Star pulls away the cover of an integrated mirror in the box that houses the gun; adorned in Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ branded pink.

The detailing, meanwhile, features Star’s eyes, as well as the brand’s logos.

Star then goes on to use the gun in the video, as do other members of his team, shooting at targets.

“It’s so smooth, it shoots perfect,” he comments on his firearm.

The entrepreneur is then filmed using another more powerful gun.

Star then said that he will keep the firearm at the Star Yak Ranch, Wyoming, his private farm where the vlogger keeps more than 100 yak.

In spite of the backlash from some consumers, others are eager to purchase a version of the gun.

“I want to buy it!!!!”,” one Twitter user wrote [sic].

Others described the gun as “gorgeous”.

Shooting for the Stars

Star has often featured firearms on his social media channels.

In January, he posted a picture of himself with a pink firearm captioned: “When someone asks me what my favourite colour is.”

A video promoting Star’s new life in Wyoming also features him shooting a gold gun in the countryside.

“Violators will be shot… Survivors will be shot again,” he captioned the video on Instagram.

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