Faith in Nature raises three-quarter million pounds in first-ever crowdfunder

By Amanda Pauley | Published: 4-Aug-2023

The green beauty brand exceeded its original target of £550,000 and will use the money to fuel its sustainable manufacturing goals

Faith In Nature, the British personal care brand, has raised more than three-quarters of a million pounds in its first-ever crowdfunding campaign. 

The 50-year-old company raised 138% of its target on crowdfunding platform Crowdcube in less than 30 days, exceeding its original goal of £550,000 to £761,452. 

Faith in Nature said it will invest in more sustainable manufacturing practices, develop products that support a circular economy and reduce its plastic footprint. 

“It is not an easy time financially for people, so to be joined by nearly 850 new investors taking us to 138% of our target is amazing,” said Simeon Rose, Faith In Nature’s Creative Director.

“We are a much loved company that has earned our customers trust over nearly 50 years and I think our investors recognise that.”

Faith in Nature hit the headlines last year when it became the first company in the world to give ‘nature’ a legal seat on its Board of Directors. 

Rose believes this played a part in the company securing such healthy investment. 

“In doing so, we are recognising the natural world as a key stakeholder in our company,” he added. 

“[And] this investment will help us do just that – help accelerate our own growth as well as the spread of ‘Nature’ on the board.

“But for more companies to follow our lead in this, we need to continue to be commercially successful too.” 

Faith in Nature was founded in 1974 and offers an array of hair care, body care and laundry products in bulk refillable packaging.

The brand said it has saved more than 100,000 kilos of plastic since 1999 as a result of using recycled and recyclable plastic across the majority of its portfolio. 

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