Emulsifi(b)ers for a greener future

Published: 23-Oct-2023

Berg+Schmidt launches innovative emulsifier for sustainable and natural cosmetic products

Hamburg (Germany), September 2023: With BergaMuls ET2, Berg+Schmidt, expert in natural cosmetic ingredients, offers a new plant-based emulsifier supporting rheological properties and an outstanding skin-feel. Upcycled dietary fibers from gum or cellulose are processed to a powder, creating different functionalities within the formulation: Sourced from oat, wood and guar gum, BergaMuls ET2 comprises water-soluble and -insoluble components which support both emulsion stability and viscosity.

BergaMuls ET2 is the latest product of the company’s growing range of fiber-based emulsifiers, which started a decade ago with BergaMuls ET1, a thickener suitable for a range of applications, including oil-free serum formulations or a sensorial additive in emulsion products. Both ingredients enhance the sensorial aspect of multiple nourishing formulations and come in a powder comprised of dried and milled, all-natural fibers. Sustainable sourcing from abundant and draught-resistant materials is another advantage of working with BergaMuls products.

BergaMuls ET2 uses a dual mode of action which makes it an ideal o/w emulsifier and stabilizer. In contrast to traditional emulsifiers for natural cosmetics, BergaMuls ET2 is not esterified, but cold-processible, and therefore also less likely to create soaping effects. Typically used in a concentration between 1-3%, the viscosity of an o/w emulsion increases linearly with the size of the oil phase. Consequently, BergaMuls ET2 allows for the formulation of products ranging from light, translucent and refreshing cream-gels to soothing lotions and compact creams.

BergaMuls products are extremely gentle on the skin barrier as they do not exhibit surface activity, which makes them suitable for emulsifier-free concepts.

Kristin Köhler, Division Manager Cosmetics at Berg+Schmidt, says: “With consumers becoming more and more aware of what is contained in their cosmetic products, we can help users and manufacturers alike make an eco-responsible choice for a highly effective end product. The new BergaMuls ET2 upcycled from food by-products meets a zero waste policy, circularity and sustainable approaches. In addition, it is a water-free, vegan raw material and therefore ideal for tomorrow's eco-conscious cosmetic formulations.”

BergaMuls ET2 will be presented for the first time at SEPAWA Congress 2023 in Berlin, from 25 to 27 October, at stand C140. The company’s experts will be present to explain and demonstrate processing options for various personal care applications. They will illustrate how the ingredients can be customised to meet individual needs, providing innovative, environmentally friendly, safe and functional solutions.

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