Dove Men+Care embraces inclusivity with ‘everyday man’ Sportcare campaign

By Becky Bargh | Published: 29-Aug-2019

Male grooming brands Just for Men, Gillette and Harry’s have all released inclusive campaigns this year

With inclusivity at an all-time high in beauty, Dove Men+Care has cast three everyday athletes to feature in its Sportscare range campaign.

The line of body and hair care products will be fronted by Marine Corps veteran, Chris Paul; volunteer firefighter, Sean Williams; and visually-impaired Goalball player, Alvin Suarez.

The decision comes after research by the brand found seven in ten men wanted to see everyday athletes better represented in sports media.

“Dove Men+Care is committed to promoting a culture where men can confidently show care as a proud part of their masculinity, and many real athletes do that every day on the court, in the gym and at home with their families,” said Amy Stepanian, Dove Men+Care’s Marketing Director.

“When we created a product line for athletes, we wanted to address the needs of every man [...] not just those who have been elevated up the ranks of their sport.”

She continued: “We have signed on amazing athletes, who deserve the same level of praise and attention because of the way they show care, as any professional that might share their names.”

Turning stereotypes around

Dove Men+Care embraces inclusivity with ‘everyday man’ Sportcare campaign

In recent years, the beauty sector has been trailblazing inclusivity in its marketing and cosmetic collections.

Fenty Beauty, Charlotte Tilbury, Morphe Cosmetics, Lush and MUA Cosmetics are among a host of brands which have launched some of the largest foundation collections to suit all customers skin tones.

Meanwhile, Chanel has cast its first-ever transgender model in its new beauty campaign.

And the male grooming category is catching up.

Just for Men, Harry’s and Gillette have all released campaigns featuring transgender models and men wearing make-up in the last 12 months.

Colour cosmetic brands are also making their own lines dedicated to men.

These include Tom Ford For Men, MMUK Man, Chanel Boy and MËNAJI.

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