Discover Poptide, the cyclic peptide that restores order to the skin

Published: 22-Sep-2023

The circle is a simple but perfect geometric conformation that helps to maintain order. Much like a circle, a cyclic peptide does not have a beginning nor an end, making it less prone to enzymatic degradation and hence more efficient

The cyclic conformation of Poptide™ confers it a higher stability and efficiency, since cyclic peptides are more resistant to being degraded by enzymes like exopeptidases and endopeptidases.

As we age, skintropy, the chaos or disorder in our skin, increases. Hence, there is an impairment of proper protein folding ending in stress in the cell’s endoplasmic reticulum. Skintropy increases during the day due to gravity and our facial expressions until it reaches a maximum level in the evening. This leads to a fluctuation of wrinkles we call the Wrinkle’s Daily Cycle (WDC).

Consequently, evening wrinkles are more pronounced than in the morning. The cycle continues at night when our skin is repaired and dermal fluids are redistributed.

Poptide™ is a cyclic peptide that organises skintropy by raising BiP and calreticulin (folding optimisers) in the endoplasmic reticulum improving protein folding. Poptide™ acts on the WDC by reducing morning & evening wrinkles, redefining the wrinkle’s daily fluctuation.

Nowadays, it is very common in consumers' skin care routines to use fewer cosmetic products without renounce on a variety of claims. Hence, manufacturers can use Poptide™ and its benefit of breaking the wrinkle daily cycle as a claim in a large quantity of day and night products, allowing the customer to use fewer items in their routine.

Make your skin pop the whole day with Poptide™, the cyclic peptide that restores the order to the skin.

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Discover Poptide, the cyclic peptide that restores order to the skin



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