Dermalogica warns of TikTok nasal tanning trend risks

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 30-Jun-2022

Demand for sprays containing the hormone called melanotan II has skyrocketed from users eager to jump on the trend

Skin care brand Dermalogica has warned of the potential health risks of a TikTok nasal tanning trend which has gone viral on the platform.

The trend has upwards of 99 million views on TikTok, with users claiming that tanning through the use of nasal sprays is helping them to keep their skin dark.

As a result, demand for sprays containing the hormone called melanotan II has increased by 198% in the last week online, according to the brand.

Dermalogica stressed, however, that the nasal sprays, which are sprayed directly inside the nose, do not work in the same way as fake tanning lotions.

Dermalogica stated that a level of UV exposure is needed to initiate the tanning response in the skin, which could see people exposed to harmful rays.

“Not only are there health concerns over inhaling an unregulated substance that interferes with the body’s hormonal response to darken skin pigment, the fact that people will be encouraged to expose their skin to harmful UV rays,” said a spokesperson for the brand.

“The only way to achieve a healthy tan is to fake it with a good fake tan product.

“In addition, contrary to popular belief, wearing a high level of SPF of 30-50 will not stop you from tanning as blocking out 100% of UV rays is impossible.”

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