Crystal Clear introduces Contour IT sonic wand

Published: 17-Feb-2017

Contour IT (£39.99) from Crystal Clear sculpts and shapes the face in an instant.

The sonic wand is said to use energy to lift and firm the face without any need for heavy contouring make-up.

The wand works with the brand’s highlighting moisturiser Illuminate, which comes as part of the set to lift brows, sculpt cheekbones and define the jawline.

The moisturiser’s formula is designed to leave skin bright, radiant and revitalised for a no make-up ‘contoured’ effect.

The moisturiser should be applied to the face before the wand is placed around the cheekbones, brow and jawline.

For a cheekbone sculpt, define and emphasise by lifting and rolling the wand under the cheekbone, hold for 15 to 20 seconds and repeat.

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