Cosmetics Business Picks: 5 beauty launches out now

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 21-Jun-2024

Cosmetics Business looks at a selection of new hair care and fragrance launches which caught our eye this week

Luke Cage actor Mike Colter has created a hair care range for children with multi-ethnic heritage.

US fragrance brand Commodity has also released its Juice edp collection, which features prominent notes of strawberry, raspberry and rhubarb.

Read the full list to find out more.

1. Maria Nila

Cosmetics Business Picks: 5 beauty launches out now
The Head and Hair Heal Soothing Serum from Maria Nila is designed to calm and treat an itchy and flaky scalp.

It contains aloe vera extract, which the brand claims soothes and calms the scalp as well as reduces irritated and itchy skin.

Peppermint extract, meanwhile, provides a cooling effect that also stimulates blood supply to the hair.

The formula is rounded off with hyaluronic acid, helping to moisturise the scalp and prevent itchiness and irritation.


2. Avène

Cosmetics Business Picks: 5 beauty launches out now
The Redness Expert Soothing Moisturizing Concentrated Cream has been created for people with sensitive, reactive or intolerant skin prone to redness.

It offers a fragrance-free cream formula made from thermal spring water and patented Angiopausine, which works to reduce and prevent redness.

The cream, which was co-developed with two dermatologists, also acts on blood vessels to reduce the intensity and re-occurrence of redness flares.


3. Niles + Chaz

Cosmetics Business Picks: 5 beauty launches out now
Niles + Chaz is a collection of four ‘clean’, vegan styling products for children with mixed-textured hair.

Styling product Tangles Shmangles is a vitamin-infused curl detangler which aims to hydrate hair and banish frizz.

Curl Raiser, meanwhile, claims to revive curls and tame frizz using a blend of natural plant extracts, vitamins, butter oils and strengthening proteins. 

Styling cream What The Frizz! works to define curls and boost hair growth with a formulation packed with jojoba extract, shea butter and marshmallow.

From $8,

4. Commodity

Cosmetics Business Picks: 5 beauty launches out now
US fragrance brand Commodity has launched its Juice epd collection.

Each perfume in the three-strong range contains notes of strawberry, raspberry and rhubarb interpreted in different ways.

Juice- Personal takes those base scent notes and combines them with violet leaves for a sparkling and fruity finish.

Juice Expressive, meanwhile, has been blended with a base of amberwood, while Juice+ Bold combines vetiver and patchouli, which the brand claims create a jam-like scent.

From £130,

5. Perfumer H

Cosmetics Business Picks: 5 beauty launches out now
Perfumer H has expanded its incense collection with the launch of Gold.

The brand said the fragrance captures the “soft promise of a summer night” through a fusion of citrus fruits, woods, balms and spices.

This has been blended with notes of bitter orange, cinnamon leaf, geranium, neroli, clove, patchouli, opoponax, frankincense and myrrh.

It was made by a traditional incense maker in Kyoto, Japan, with each stick of incense rolled by hand and made without using dyes, chemicals or additives.


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