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CE.way Regulatory Consultants Ltd is a cosmetics regulatory consulting and testing company that specialises in enabling cosmetics manufacturers and exporters to sell their products globally by helping them overcome the regulatory obstacles in various countries.

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CE.way was founded in 2012 and has made tremendous and continuous progress ever since. We started by offering regulatory consulting services for cosmetic products to ensure their compliance with the EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009.

In order to make the regulatory process as easy and as fast as possible, we then set up a laboratory providing various safety and efficacy tests for cosmetic products, so that cosmetics manufacturers can get all of the services that they need at a single place.

Recently we also started offering regulatory consulting services for countries outside of the EU.

CE.way is working with cosmetics manufacturers, exporters and distributors from all over the world and employs a team of highly motivated, tech-savvy young professionals, experts in the area of cosmetics testing and regulation.

EU and UK Cosmetics Regulation

CE.way is offering various services aimed at making cosmetic products compliant with the EU Cosmetics Regulation 1223/2009 and the UK Schedule 34 to the Product Safety and Metrology etc. (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019.

The regulatory services that CE.way offers for the EU market include:

  • product information file (PIF) preparation,
  • cosmetic product labelling and claims review,
  • safety assessment (CPSR),
  • CPNP notification

In addition, CE.way can also act as a third-party EU and/or UK responsible person for cosmetic products which are placed on the EU and/or UK market.

As an independent and professional responsible person, cosmetics manufacturers can be sure that their product secrets will remain safe and that they will be kept up to date with any developments in the EU and UK cosmetics regulatory landscape, thereby keeping their products compliant with the Cosmetics Regulation.

Safety and efficacy testing

The testing services provided in CE.way’s ISO-certified laboratory, complement the regulatory services and include:

  • microbiological specifications testing,
  • challenge testing (ISO 11930:2012),
  • stability and compatibility testing,
  • dermatological testing,
  • various efficacy tests for skin care, make-up, hair care or oral care products, to enable companies to prove the claims they make for their cosmetic products.

CE.way can, therefore, lead cosmetics manufacturers from the beginning to the end of the process of becoming compliant with the EU and UK Cosmetics Regulation. In this way, manufacturers do not need to deal with multiple companies and contact persons, making the process easier, faster and cheaper.

CE.way Regulatory Consultants

US cosmetic compliance under new MoCRA 

As the implementation of the Modernisation of Cosmetics Regulation Act (MoCRA) approaches, we at CE.way are pleased to announce that we are fully prepared to provide our unwavering support to assist you with the new registration requirements.

Understanding the significance of compliant registration under MoCRA, we have assembled a dedicated team of experts well-versed in the intricacies of the regulatory landscape. We are committed to offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet your specific needs throughout the registration process.

Our services will include:

1. Compliance Assessment: Our team will conduct a thorough review of your cosmetic products and formulations to ensure they meet the regulatory requirements set forth by MoCRA.

2. Documentation Preparation: We will assist you in gathering and preparing the necessary documentation required for registration, including product labelling, ingredient lists, safety data, and any other pertinent information.

3. Regulatory Consulting: Our experienced consultants will provide personalized guidance and strategic advice to help you navigate the complex registration procedures effectively.

4. Submission Support: We will assist you in compiling and submitting the registration applications to the relevant regulatory authorities, ensuring accuracy and completeness to expedite the process.

5. Post-Registration Compliance: After successful registration, we will continue to support you in maintaining compliance with ongoing reporting, labelling, and documentation requirements.

International services

Because CE.way aims to be a true global one-stop shop for the regulatory and testing needs of cosmetics manufacturers, we have also started offering services that help companies become compliant with cosmetic legislation around the world, in countries such as the USA, Canada and China.

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