Byredo’s first AlphaMeta NFT is the ‘scent of the metaverse’

By Becky Bargh | Published: 13-Jun-2022

Solely built for Web 3.0, the collection of 26 emotions can be worn on avatars in RTFKT’s metaverse

Byredo, the perfume brand now primarily owned by Puig, has entered the digital sphere with its first-ever NFT.

AlphaMeta, as the technology is known, has been built in collaboration with digital creators RTFKT and is described as the ‘scent of the metaverse’.

With help from design agency M/M (Paris), AlphaMeta only exists in Web 3.0, and is made up of 26 ingredients that represent 26 emotions.

From acuity and harmony to virtue and naivety, the collectable directory of smells are available in limited numbers that exist within RTFKT’s metaverse as wearable ‘auras’.

“I liked the idea of dissecting it down to raw materials,” said Byredo founder Ben Gorham.

“A single scent is incapable of representing this virtual world, so we formulated a lexicon of elements that collectors can combine at will to make something entirely unique.”

RTFKT’s co-founder, Benoit Pagotto, meanwhile, said that Byredo had been a “dream partner” to work with on a perfume for Web 3.0.

“We created RTFKT as a brand that has no limit, inventing a new type of Web 3.0 native luxury positioning and building an amazing community that constantly demands innovation,” he added.

An official release date for the NFT is yet to be announced.

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