BEAUTYLAB launches advanced chemical peel webinar

Published: 28-Feb-2023

Samantha Kendrew, Head of Education, shares in-depth knowledge

Having recently launched a new series of 2023 trade webinars, BeautyLab in the UK is hosting an Advanced Chemical Peel session on Tuesday, 28 February.

BeautyLab’s UK distributor, Gerrard International, is offering all account holders access to the webinars and exclusive discounts will be available to the attendees.

ADVANCED CHEMICAL PEEL WEBINAR: Tuesday 28 Feb at 7pm for one hour

Samantha Kendrew, BeautyLab’s Head of Education, will be covering:

  • The history of chemical peels
  • How chemical peels work and the science behind them
  • Classification of chemical peels
  • Acids: their origin and action on the skin
  • How pH levels affect the skin
  • Benefits of chemical peels
  • A mini demonstration of the BeautyLab Glycolic Peel treatment
  • Aftercare advice
  • Products and treatments for optimal results

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