BEAUTYLAB exhibits at Cosmoprof Worldwide

Published: 28-Apr-2022

Cosmoprime Pavilion - Extraordinary Gallery - Hall 14EG - Booth 43

BeautyLab International is exhibiting at Cosmoprof Worldwide in Bologna, Thursday 28 April to Sunday 1 May. The multi-award-winning brand is showing its five key retail and professional skincare collections:

  • Youth Elixir: Harnessing the latest in stem cell science, this deeply renewing and rejuvenating range is formulated to capture a more youthful appearance and bring firmness, thickness and smoothness to the skin’s architecture. Helping older skin to behave and look like younger skin, it works to re-activate skin stem cells, while repairing, improving and supporting cells’ functions through smart technology. It hydrates and nourishes the skin, while reducing deep lines and wrinkles - to unveil a more resilient, supple and toned complexion.
  • Black Diamond: The ultimate in illuminating and glamourising skincare; this luxurious range is formulated to unlock the appearance of flawless, radiant skin. Employing advanced encapsulation science, it smooths the appearance of shadows, wrinkles and unevenness, and gives the skin an instant airbrushed, red-carpet-worthy lustre. It simultaneously hydrates and plumps, and leaves the complexion wrapped in a veil of softness.
  • Anti-Ageing: Working hard to reduce the tell-tale signs of ageing, this advanced rejuvenating range is formulated using intelligent technologies, to help regenerate aged or prematurely aged skin. It deeply hydrates, firms and helps to reduce the depth of wrinkles - leaving the complexion smoother and plumper, with a more youthful looking glow.
  • Specialist: Providing both instant and prolonged results, this targeted, multi-functional and re-balancing range provides the ideal armoury for skin that is blemished, hyperpigmented, oily, acne-prone, very dry, dull, damaged, sun-damaged, experiencing enlarged pores. It relieves congestion, resurfaces, clarifies and brightens the skin – revealing a clearer, softer, more uniform and radiant complexion.
  • Essential: This hydrating, protecting and antioxidant range instantly nourishes and conditions, while simultaneously defending the skin’s barrier from environmental pollution and UV damage. The age-preventative formulations support collagen formation, smooth and soften - elevating the skin’s overall firmness, radiance and resilience.

Also showing is BeautyLab’s exclusive Dual Anti-Ageing System. Employing unrivalled technology, this unit brings the benefit of oxygen and microcurrent to the face and body - promoting collagen production, firming and toning, plumping and energising, and restoring skin vitality

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