BEAUTYLAB celebrates 21st birthday

Published: 16-Nov-2022

21 years on and welcoming the future

This year sees the 21st birthday of award-winning skin care brand, BeautyLab. To mark the occasion, John Bell and Croyden, the UK’s most luxurious and premium pharmacy, recently held an exclusive ‘meet and greet’ with skin technologist and expert, Roger Aoun, also founder of the acclaimed brand.

Attended by the beauty press, the event was followed up with guests receiving a BeautyLab Black Diamond® Angel Facial at the Harley Street Skin Clinic.

BeautyLab’s beginning:

In 2001, with many years’ experience as owner and creative director of a London-based lab that is renowned for researching cutting-edge cosmetic ingredients, Roger decided to realise his vision. His purpose was to shake up conventional approaches to skin care and set a new benchmark. As a result, BeautyLab was founded.

While originally designed exclusively for professional celebrity facialists, BeautyLab’s products soon gained industry recognition for their skin-transforming results and from there, the brand took flight.


BeautyLab’s collections are used and recommended by spas, salons and clinics around the world. The brand also offers a curation of stand-out retail products that target a spectrum of skin concerns and deliver exceptional payoff, now and into the future. Harnessing the latest innovations in stem cell science and peptide technology, scientific breakthroughs align with the most luxurious of ingredients. From niacinamide to neroli, derma-peptide to diamond, and retinol to rose, the BeautyLab products reveal skin that is more youthful, radiant and healthier looking.

BeautyLab’s Anti-Ageing Skin Care and Essential Skin Care were the first two core ranges to launch. As with all of the brand’s other collections, line extensions and innovations have been added over the years.

BEAUTYLAB celebrates 21st birthday

The Anti-Ageing Skin Care range marries multiple peptides and highly active plant extracts, and works to rejuvenate aged or prematurely aged skin. Formulated using intelligent technologies, it hydrates and firms, helps to reduce the depth of wrinkles and leaves the complexion with a smoother, plumper and younger looking glow. Ideal for when other skin care regimes are no longer effective.





BEAUTYLAB celebrates 21st birthday

The Essential Skin Care range is rich in dynamic plant collagen, Hawaiian sea plant, micro-algae and ceramides. This hydrating, protecting and antioxidant collection instantly nourishes and conditions, while simultaneously defending the skin’s barrier from environmental pollution and UV damage. The age-preventative formulations support collagen formation and elevate the skin’s overall firmness, radiance and resilience.




BEAUTYLAB celebrates 21st birthday

Following the debut of the first two skin care ranges, BeautyLab launched its Peptide Tanning collection. This incorporates an advanced peptide that works on the melanin receptors, to create a believable, evenly-distributed colour. While most of the products contain an organic DHA, a DHA-free option is also offered for those with sensitivity. Infused with plant extracts – such as cocoa, carrot and passion flower – the products deeply hydrate, moisturise and nourish, to improve skin quality and enhance tan-longevity.



BEAUTYLAB celebrates 21st birthday

The next collection added to the brand’s portfolio was the Specialist Skin Care range. This multi-functional range targets specific concerns and is ideal for skin that is blemished, oily, acne-prone, pigmented, very dry, dull, sun-damaged, or with enlarged pores. The products relieve congestion, resurface, clarify and brighten, and include ingredients such as glycolic and salicylic acids, vitamin C50, pomegranate enzyme and lemon peel extract.




BEAUTYLAB celebrates 21st birthday

Following up, came BeautyLab’s ‘iconic’ Black Diamond® Skin Care range. By way of intricate encapsulation technology, diamond cores deliver a selective scattering of favourable blue and green light, bringing back the look of younger skin. They bestow a soft-focus effect, filling out fine lines and softening the visibility of wrinkles, imperfections and unevenness. The skin takes on an immediately glamorous, photo-ready glow The products are also rich in peptides, sapphire, ruby and mother of pearl – to hydrate, plump and soften the skin, and improve firmness and suppleness.



BEAUTYLAB celebrates 21st birthday

More recently, BeautyLab’s most advanced range - Youth Elixir® Skin Care - was launched. This collection helps older skin to look and behave like younger skin, while repairing, improving and supporting cells’ functions through smart technology. Formulated with a stem cell-promoting complex, orchid stem cell, green tea stem cell and yeast extract, this range intensely hydrates and nourishes, while reducing the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles.




Roger Aoun says: “BeautyLab’s mission has remained consistent from day one: to create intelligent, high-performance products that work to re-activate and re-educate the skin’s functions, and deliver both instant and long-term results. As a testament to this, our award-winning brand is a go-to for industry experts, beauty editors, celebrities and skin-savvy consumers alike. We are proud to have reached such a huge milestone in our brand’s history. We have so much more to come... watch this space.”

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