Beauty brand sues US government over TikTok ban

By Sarah Parsons | Published: 16-May-2024

Eight content creators are fighting against the law to ban the video platform

TikTok content creators, including a beauty brand owner, are suing to stop a law that could see the US ban the video platform. 

The eight plaintiffs are arguing the proposed law to prohibit the Chinese app violates users’ First Amendment rights to free speech. 

The US government passed legislation in April to giveTikTok’s parent company Bytedance nine months to sell the social media platform, or face it being blocked in the country.

Lawmakers are concerned that the Chinese government could access data of 170 million Americans who use the platform, or influence what they see. 

The group filing the fresh complaint to oppose the ban includes the owners of skin care company Love & Pebble. 

Other creators include a rancher, a baker, a book reviewer, an American football coach, a political activist, a rapper and a comedy creator. 

The lawsuit said the plaintiffs “rely on TikTok to express themselves, learn, advocate for causes, share opinions, create communities, and even make a living". 

Love & Pebble specialises in 'beauty pops', frozen skin care that can be made by the user into an ice lolly-like format by combining the provided mask powders with water before pouring into an ice mould and freezing. 

Launched in 2021, Love & Pebble found fame on TikTok with products repeatedly selling out. 

The brand's founder Paul Tran attributed the sold out lines to the social media channel and reported a 1,000% increase in revenue after joining the platform's commerce function TikTok Shop in 2023. 

“TikTok has provided a way to the American Dream and this bill is killing that American Dream, my American Dream,” Tran told Reuters. 

Love & Pebble has more than 140,000 on TikTok with 3.1 million 'likes' across its video content. 

The brand's most watched video has been viewed more than 6.3 million times. 


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