Year on TikTok 2023: Clinique, skin care and GRWM make-up top trenders

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 11-Dec-2023

TikTok’s annual report highlights the top trends and insights of the year, and what can be expected in 2024

TikTok has released its Year on TikTok report for 2023, revealing its top beauty trend insights.

The #skincare saw the biggest spike in interest this year, with a 45% increase in searches for the hashtag versus 2022.

This stemmed from skin care content “expanding beyond traditional beauty audiences”, with a greater focus on all skin types and genders, according to the report.

The popularity of the category was further fueled by users creating videos which TikTok said redefined what it meant to have "perfect skin".

Examples of this include TikTok’s aged filter, which shows what users may look like when they become older.

It became the third most popular filter used globally this year, with videos using the ai-powered tool being viewed more than 816 million times.

There was also a 900% increase in searches for #grwmmakeup content this year.

TikTok said despite the content being centred around a “traditionally mundane routine”, the video style and storytelling nature made users feel more connected to the creator.

The content also fueled new product discovery, which the platform noted was a significant trend in 2023 for beauty.

Love & Pebble's skin care Beauty Pops were highlighted as an example of “shocking audiences” through a product’s design.

This fed into a 44% increase for TikTok’s Discovery Intention Change statistic, which refers to users visiting the platform without a specific outcome in mind and discovering something new.

The #affordableluxury grew in conjunction with product discovery, seeing a 200% year-over-year increase as users sought out craftsmanship over a higher price tag.

Overall, beauty and fashion was listed among TikTok’s top three communities under its ‘Curiosity Peaked’ category.

The social media platform said this was the result of users being eager to “explore answers outside their comfort zone” in 2023.

TikTok reported a a 900% increase in searches for #grwmmakeup content in 2023

TikTok reported a a 900% increase in searches for #grwmmakeup content in 2023

"Year on TikTok 2023 is a way for us to honour some of the standout moments that have happened on TikTok throughout the year.

“It is a window into stories that have inspired, entertained and educated over one billion people around the world,” said Adam Presser, Head of Operations, TikTok.

TikTok also highlighted Clinique as one of the top performing beauty brands on the platform.

The skin care brand launched a new campaign in 2023 for its restocked Black Honey lipstick, with #cliniqueblackhoney having over 56.7 million views. 

The product originally went viral as part of the #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trend in 2021, with the shade quickly selling out that year. 

Other examples of beauty brands trending this year include cosmetics brand MAC, which partnered with creator @sabrinabahsoon as part of her #tubegirl trend. 

In terms of beauty influencers, Sofia Richie Grainge (@sofiarichiegrainge) claimed the number three spot on the platform’s top global Breakthrough Stars of the year.

Grainge started the account to show behind-the-scenes glimpses of her wedding, and now creates hair and make-up tutorials.

Alix Earle (@alixearle), a make-up and fashion creator, came in at number seven, after becaming popular through their GRWM videos and fashion hauls.

“In an era where storytelling has become predictable, TikTok showcases creativity without a typical beginning, middle or end,” added Sofia Hernandez, Global Head of Business Marketing for TikTok.

"In 2024 we're going to see the TikTok community build on this in ways we've never seen before.

“Fueled by a blend of curiosity, imagination, vulnerability and courage - creative bravery will be infused into our daily lives."

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