Algaktiv sets new standards in skin care with new groundbreaking ALGAKTIV RetinART Results

Published: 20-Mar-2024

Algaktiv, a pioneer in microalgae biotechnological active ingredients’ innovation, today announced groundbreaking results confirming the exceptional clinical study findings for ALGAKTIV RetinART, transcending traditional skin care actives like bakuchiol and retinol

These results validate ALGAKTIV® RetinART's unmatched mechanism and superior efficacy, previously established through rigorous clinical trials and proven in direct comparison with industry-standard actives.

ALGAKTIV® RetinART at 1% achieved a 33% reduction in melanin synthesis, significantly outperforming 0.15% pure retinol at 9% and 1% bakuchiol at 21%. Cell proliferation was enhanced by 38% with ALGAKTIV® RetinART, compared to 15% with retinol and 3% with bakuchiol. Notably, ALGAKTIV® RetinART also dramatically increased hyaluronic acid by +8%, collagen I by +127%, and collagen III synthesis by +176%, marking significant advancements over both retinol and bakuchiol in essential skin health markers.

ALGAKTIV® RetinART's latest achievements underscore our dedication to innovative research, sustainable practices, and offering safe, highly effective skin care," said Alexandre Lapeyre, Marketing Director at ALGAKTIV®. "With ALGAKTIV® RetinART, we're not just setting new efficacy benchmarks; we're also prioritizing skin tolerance and environmental sustainability, aligning with the values of the modern consumer.

Unique among skin care innovations, ALGAKTIV® RetinART underwent three exceptional clinical trials, demonstrating its superior anti-aging and anti-acne performances. Its partial and selective activation of the RAR-β receptor outshone 0.3% retinol and 1% bakuchiol in comparative clinical studies. Furthermore, when used in synergy with merely 0.1% retinol, RetinART's action mechanism mirrored that of retinol at 0.5%, offering enhanced efficacy without compromising gentleness on the skin.

Clinical Comparisons Highlight ALGAKTIV® RetinART’s Superiority:

Anti-Aging Efficacy: 2% ALGAKTIV® RetinART vs. 0.3% Retinol showed a +9% greater reduction in wrinkle depth, +23% improvement in skin elasticity, and +26% reduction in hyperpigmentation.

Synergistic Anti-Aging Results: 1% ALGAKTIV® RetinART combined with 0.1% Retinol vs. 0.5% Retinol resulted in +25% greater reduction in wrinkle depth, +25% improvement in skin firmness, and +42% increase in skin elasticity over 28 days.

Anti-Acne Performance: 1% ALGAKTIV® RetinART vs. 1% Bakuchiol revealed +19% more reduction in sebum production, +20% reduction in pore size, and +13% improvement in skin hydration over 28 days.

This groundbreaking active ingredient not only regenerates and evens out the skin tone but also caters to the most delicate skin types, ensuring high performance is met with unmatched gentleness.

Developed through years of dedicated research and leveraging advanced microalgae biotechnology, ALGAKTIV® RetinART is at the forefront of the skin care revolution. It embodies our commitment to merging scientific innovation with natural efficacy, delivering products that not only transform skin health but do so with care for the environment and the skin's natural balance.

"Bringing ALGAKTIV® RetinART to market symbolizes our vision for a future where skin care is not only effective but also safe and sustainable," expressed Jordi Ayats, Product Director of ALGAKTIV®. "Our ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of biotechnological research ensures we continue to offer revolutionary solutions that set new standards in the industry."

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