Actress Olivia Wilde aims to show ‘sustainability is sexy’ in new True Botanicals skin care campaign

Published: 14-Oct-2021

The award-winning actor and activist stars in a new campaign shot by photographer Guy Aroche

Actress and activist Olivia Wilde is attempting to change perceptions around sustainable beauty through her latest campaign with True Botanicals.

Wilde’s fifth campaign for the beauty brand, the House TV series star is pictured posing naked alongside its certified organic skin care products in a series of photos shot by photographer Guy Aroche.

"I think that there is this impression that responsibility and sustainability are inherently rational and boring," said Wilde.

"But True Botanicals products are so sumptuous, decadent and luxurious, they're proof that clean and safe skin care can be an indulgence. I wanted to capture and show that sustainability is sexy."

Hair and make-up for the campaign was created by Mara Roszak and Mélanie Inglessis, and emphasises the award-winning actress' feminine sensuality and natural beauty.

Actress Olivia Wilde aims to show ‘sustainability is sexy’ in new True Botanicals skin care campaign

True Botanicals uses regenerative-farmed plant actives that are wild-harvested to create its products, which are Made Safe-certified.

Products come packaged in recyclable glass and FSC paper.

"Five years ago, Olivia joined forces with True Botanicals on our mission to prove that safe, sustainable skincare can be equally luxurious and effective." Added Hillary Peterson, founder of True Botanicals.

"With this campaign, we continue to redefine luxury in the beauty industry with imagery that defies expectations of a natural brand."

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