A natural substitute for silicone, which eases irritated skin with 'maskne'

Published: 9-Mar-2022

With A-Silkne, ACTIVON we respond to consumer needs in the With-COVID-19 Era

With the emergence of COVID-19 pandemic, diverse crises modern consumers have encountered came to the surface. People’s fear of viruses and outside world has hit a peak, and psychological pain resulting from isolation has also increased. In the belief that it is our duty to reduce such anxiety and meet consumer needs, we have promoted R&Ds to provide more effective ingredients in a safe and secure fashion. To properly respond to new consumption patterns and consumer culture, in addition, we have tried to reflect the latest trends such as Clean Beauty and Sensory Cosmetics.

In makeup unlike skincare, visual effects including coloration, coverage and spreadability are important. Therefore, there have been some criticisms on the use of harmful ingredients. With the gradual spread of people’s perception of ‘body burden’ in makeup products, clean-beauty makeup products have already been successful abroad, especially in niche brands. I particular, there has been a rising demand for ingredients which can substitute some controversial materials among base makeup ingredients such as silicon oil (dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, etc.) and PEG emulsifiers.

Are there any safe and reliable makeup products which can cover defects and, at the same time, reduce skin inflammation?

A-Silkne is a 100% natural plant-derived ingredient obtained with the optimum mixing ratio of heptyl undecylenate (from castor oil) and Magnolia officinalis bark extract. With this natural substance, we respond to consumer needs in the With-COVID-19 Era.

A-Silkne Features

  • Anti-microbial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Improvements in feeling after use
  • W/O formula and applicable an emollient
  • 100% natural plant-derived ingredient

Certification & Patent

  • COSMOS Certificate
  • VEGAN Verified (Korea Agency of Vegan Certification and Services)
  • Patent applied (No. 21-151182)

Applicable Products


Salicylic acid used in acne care reduces acne symptoms by removing sebum and dead skin, not by inhibiting C. acnes. Therefore, it could cause dryness and irritation due to excessive peeling. With antimicrobial effects on C. acnes (refer to #2 test data), A-Silkne is even good for sensitive acne skin. In particular, it is applied to acne mark-covering products, preventing acne from recurring or worsening.

A natural substitute for silicone, which eases irritated skin with 'maskne'


Wearing a mask for long hours can cause inflammation and irritation by disrupting skin breathing. In addition, clogged pores can develop into cysts. Friction with a mask impairs a skin barrier and worsens skin irritations, which is called, ‘Maskne (perioral dermatitis)’. In the With-COVID-19 Era when wearing a mask is critical, it is required to prescribe materials which can reduce skin burden.

Spot Patch

A spot patch is available in two different types: an acne patch applied onto acne, slowly alleviating the symptom; a patch used to prevent acne mark formation. It is anticipated that applying A-Silkne to spot patches would enhance antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Stick Type Makeup / Skincare

In makeup products, stick types are common, including stick multi-balm which has recently earned a great popularity due to convenience of use, foundation, consealer and lipstick. These stick products are mostly made with oil so that they are low in water activity. As they are used repeatedly, bacteria become proliferated with contaminants such as dirt and sebum remaining on the skin. Therefore, anti-inflammatory substance is required to prevent skin irritations caused by repetitive exposure to bacteria and sebum.

Mascara & Lip Colors with Tip Applicator

Among color makeup products, mascara and lipsticks which are put back into a sealed container after use are vulnerable to bacterial growth. Since such products are applied onto sensitive eyes and lips, it is required to prescribe safer ingredients.

Makeup for Teenagers

In the past, in cosmetics specially produced for youth at stationeries and convenience stores, hazardous heavy metals were found. Since then, parents have closely watched the ingredients of cosmetics for their children. In addition, teens tend to share their items such as lip balm and tint with their friends and not pay too much attention to hygiene. Therefore, it is needed to watch them more carefully. Therefore, it is required to apply ingredients which are safe from external bacteria and contaminants to the makeup products for children and youth.

Sunscreen / Primer

In sunscreen which is now essential all the year round and primers and fixers which enhance makeup adhesion and durability, safety and spreadability are important. In particular, primers which are used to fill gaps between pores can cause skin irritations. With the expansion of ‘clean beauty’, there has been a rising demand for ingredients which can substitute silicone or be used as boosters. It is anticipated that A-Silkne would reduce white cast formation in sunscreen and enhance feeling after use through improvements in spreadability.

Cleansing Oil

In the past, PEG and PPG surfactants which are cheap but have great emulsifying and cleansing effects were mostly used in cleansing oil. Recently, however, they have been replaced by better ingredients. In A-Silkne, heptyl undecylenate works as an emulsifier. With the anti-inflammatory effects of Magnolia officinalis bark extract, it isapplicable to the cleansing oil specially designed for acne and irritated skin. ACTIVON's products including A-Silkne will be showcased at the in-cosmetics global which will be held in Paris from April 5th to 7th (Booth no. 627 Stand: Q14 & Innovation Zone).

For more information including test data, please refer to this link: www.activon-global.com/post/2022-new-product-a-substitute-for-natural-silicone-which-eases-irritated-skin-with-maskne.

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