Secrets of plants surviving in extreme environments, Levan

Published: 6-Feb-2023

In early spring when the wind is still chilly, plants that have spent the winter in the frozen ground begin to sprout with strong vitality. It is known that levan (fructan) is present in about one-third of plants worldwide, including bulbous plants that winter in snowy soil and cereals such as wheat and barley that tolerate poor soil well

Levan (Fructan) is a fructose polymer that can be easily found in nature and is also produced by microorganisms. In particular, it is known that most plants in which levan (fructan) is found can survive in very cold or dry environments because they produce levan as an osmoprotectant mechanism to protect themselves and have strong water retention.

Structure of Levan | β-(2,6) fructose polymer containing β-(2,1) branch

Structure of Levan | β-(2,6) fructose polymer containing β-(2,1) branch

Activonol-LevaNA, a new ingredient introduced by ACTIVON, is a 100% naturally derived Vegan-certified ingredient using levan (fructan), a material produced as a defence mechanism for plants to protect themselves from cold and dry environments. Activonol-LevaNA not only has excellent moisturising effect, but also restores the balance of the skin microbiome to strengthen the skin barrier, and is a multi-functional material with anti-inflammatory, anti-irritation, and improvement in the feeling of use, helping to enhance the overall skin condition. In addition, it is a safe & sustainable material that is safe from microbial contamination, does not cause irritation to the skin, and has excellent biodegradability by supplementing the disadvantages of levan (fructan), a fructose polymer that is easily contaminated by microorganisms.

Activonol-LevaNA will be showcased in the Innovation Zone of the in-cosmetics Global which will be held at Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Barcelona from March 28th to 30th , and can also be found at the ACTIVON booth (AH20).

For more information including test data, please refer to this link.

Activonol-LevaNA summary

INCI Name | Fructan, Propanediol, Water
Appearance | White ~ Yellowish liquid
Recommend dosage | 2 - 5%
Application | Leave-on, Wash-off
Effect & Benefits:

  • Skin barrier protection
  • Gives new texture and sensory experiences
  • 100% Natural derived
  • Sustainable ingredients (biodegradable)
  • Broad compatibility
  • Vegan Certificated
  • Exportable to China

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