What the 'hair cycling' trend says about Gen Z attitudes to scalp health

By Jo Allen | Published: 30-Oct-2023

Consumers are investing in a carousel of products to remedy hair and scalp challenges as their needs change

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What happens when you ask a hair care expert about ‘hair cycling’?

The concept, which refers to rotating different hair care products to improve the health of the hair and scalp as needs change, has been trending on TikTok in 2023.

But speak to a leading hair specialist – in this case Hollywood’s renowned expert and formulator Philip B (full name Philip Berkovitz) – and the response will likely be similar to his: “We’ve been doing this forever.”

Using different shampoos, for example, to ensure that the hair is as healthy as it can be is why clarifying shampoos came into existence, says Berkovitz: “Treatment shampoos do not cleanse as well as clarifying shampoos, that’s why we make clarifying shampoos,” he tells Cosmetics Business.

“You need a good clarifying shampoo to wash away and break down the residues that build up, and then you can go in with a treatment shampoo or a treatment conditioner, and so on.”

Philip B has a wide range of shampoos, including the clarifying, scalp invigorating shampoos in the Peppermint Avocado range, the clarifying and shine enhancing Everyday Beautiful shampoo, and the clarifying and stimulating Scalp Booster Shampoo, as well as treatment-led shampoos offering benefits including colour rejuvenation, hydration and grey tone correction.

“So for me, this concept of cycling is nothing new,” he explains. “However, the name is new, so I guess giving it a name gives it a whole new existence, and for young people who are on TikTok, it means that it gets introduced it to a whole new audience,” says Berkovitz.

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