Vantage Personal Care launches Jeesperse NoLo Self-Emulsifying Bases for waterless hair care applications

Published: 22-Mar-2023

Vantage Personal Care to showcase new product range at in-cosmetics Global 2023

Vantage Personal Care®, a leading global supplier of naturally derived specialty ingredients and formulations for skin, sun and hair care and color cosmetics, will launch Jeesperse® NoLo, a new product range of self-emulsifying bases for hair care applications, during in-cosmetics Global 2023.

“Our new, low energy Jeesperse NoLo emulsification system helps beauty brands easily develop customisable, water-free formulations, which are sought after as the personal care industry focuses on sustainability,” said Sebastien Massard, Global Director, Strategic Marketing. “With Jeesperse NoLo, we can help formulators reduce the number of ingredients they use by half, and help manufacturers simplify their logistics and streamline the manufacturing process.”

The Jeesperse NoLo range includes two powder products, Jeesperse NoLo N1 and Jeesperse NoLo C2, that use no or low mixing energy in the emulsion process due to their self-emulsification properties. Vantage aims to save formulators time, energy and money by helping to employ cold- and low-energy processes that in turn simplify manufacturing procedures.

Jeesperse NoLo base compositions are optimised for quick wetting, easy dispersion and the creation of stable emulsions, even when using low shear mixing equipment or following room-temperature processes. Additionally, they contain conditioning ingredients that contribute to the efficacy of the hydrated formulation. The Jeesperse NoLo range joins the Jeesperse family of products, which includes ingredients for both skin and hair care applications.

Vantage Personal Care will feature the Jeespere NoLo in its new Concentrated Conditioner Drops, a waterless formulation for hair care that is presented in blue tablets versus a traditional liquid conditioner at in-cosmetics Global 2023. In addition, the Company will address key market and technical needs in the beauty and personal care industry through silicone-free solutions, sulfate-free surfactants, solid and waterless formulations, upcycled ingredients and fermentation-based actives.

Vantage Personal Care representatives will exhibit at in-cosmetics Global Tradeshow at Stand E40 in Barcelona, Spain March 28-30, 2023.

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