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TRI-K Industries, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of actives and specialty ingredients such as innovative cosmetic proteins, amino acids, vegan solutions, natural peptides, mild surfactants, modern and traditional preservatives, and multi-active natural synergy products. At TRI-K our mission is to provide natural, sustainable beauty solutions through innovation and excellence, bringing consumer-driven concepts and products to life for the beauty and personal care industry, such as our wide range of vegan alternatives. TRI-K strives to be the pioneer and global partner of choice for creating customer-centric solutions enabling beauty and wellness by empowering brands

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Our mission and vision:

TRI-K Industries operates under our mission to provide sustainable beauty solutions through innovation and excellence with a deep understanding of diversity and consumer insights. Our vision is to be the pioneer and global partner of choice for beauty solutions through passion and excellence. TRI-K continually strives to use the most sustainable, ethical, and environmentally friendly raw material sources, manufacturing technologies, and supply chain methods with a focus on upcycling to create superior technologies.

Geographic reach:

A leader in the cosmetic industry, TRI-K Industries has a presence throughout the world, including our headquarters in Denville, NJ, USA. Our facility in Denville, NJ has a state-of-the-art laboratory that houses our Research and Development and Evaluations teams.

Our manufacturing plant, located in Derry, New Hampshire (USA), allows for the mitigation of your supply chain risk by maintaining full USA manufacturing control. Our additional global manufacturing locations include Egypt and India. Our extensive natural protein portfolio includes top-of-mind and consumer-driven ingredients such as keratin, rice, collagen, and wheat.

Product description:

TRI-K Industries

TRI-K’s product lines offer a wide range of formulating solutions, including high-quality cosmetic proteins, natural skin and hair care actives, multi-functional peptides, functional ingredients, modern preservatives, and mild surfactant technologies.

New product launches:

Areas of expertise:

  • Skin Care
  • Hair Care
  • Innovative Proteins
  • Natural Peptides
  • Modern Preservatives
  • Mild Surfactants
  • Indie Beauty
  • TRISSENTIAL Formulations

TRISSENTIALS™: Formulating for You

Bring your brand to life with our guidance and formulated solutions! We are here for you, to be your strategic mind partner. At TRI-K our mission is to provide sustainable beauty solutions through innovation and excellence, bringing groundbreaking concepts and products to life for the cosmetics industry. Ask us about our ready-made formulation line, TRISSENTIALS™, which we have created to help keep moving your business and innovation-based goals forward.

TRI-K Industries

Our Commitment

TRI-K Industries is built on the philosophy that the quality of our ingredients and customized solutions are our highest priorities. Always on the cutting edge of consumer trends, we create innovative ingredients and new technology to make groundbreaking formulations for our clients. Our products also provide solutions that are organic, natural, sustainable, clean, vegan, paraben-free, and formaldehyde-free. We are environmentally and socially responsible, in partnership with our parent company, Galaxy Surfactants, Ltd. Let us help support you and your brand as a strategic mind partner.

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TRI-K Industries TRI-K Industries


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