TRI-K launches EssentiaTein Protect, a new multi-benefit protein technology for pollution-proof hair

Published: 15-Feb-2023

EssentiaTein Protect provides superior protection against daily pollution, UV damage and oxidative stress

TRI-K Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of specialty ingredients for beauty and personal care, announces EssentiaTeinTM Protect, a new multi-benefit protein technology for hair protection, moisturisation, and mirror-like shine. This vegan product protects hair from pollution and repairs hair from UV damage and oxidative stress thanks to natural proteins from upcycled rice and baobab, as well as sustainably sourced amaranth.

Produced with a proprietary enzymatic system, EssentiaTeinTM Protect offers higher efficacy than products that are simply blended. As a result, this potent active ingredient delivers visible results such as increased hair moisturisation, enhanced shine, and improved luster at only 1% use level in formulation.

Part of EssentiaTeinTM Protect’s mechanism of action includes film formation on the hair strand. The product helps removes dust particles from hair, preventing and repairing the environmental and UV damage that accelerates signs of hair aging.

EssentiaTeinTM Protect also helps brands reduce their environmental impact. The environmentally friendly manufacturing process uses about 70% less energy and water versus traditional manufacturing methods. Moreover, its ingredients are naturally and sustainably sourced:

  • Rice proteins upcycled from renewable, vegetal sources
  • African baobab seeds upcycled from fruit that has fallen naturally
  • Amaranth peptides sustainably sourced from natural ancient grains

“Today’s more eco-conscious consumers are becoming more wallet conscious as prices rise across the board. Brand owners must make convincing claims and EssentiaTeinTM Protect delivers visible results. We’re proud to introduce this highly effective active that protects people’s hair as well as the planet,” said Victor Low, TRI-K Business Manager.

To learn more about EssentiaTein Protect and TRI-K’s other innovative ingredients, please click here


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