TRI-K unveils exciting rebrand: championing empathy, curiosity, and excellence in specialty ingredient

Published: 29-May-2024

Charting a new course: TRI-K's revitalised identity embracing sustainable innovation and customer empowerment

TRI-K Industries, Inc., TRI-K, a leading provider of sustainable specialty ingredients backed by science and knowledge, proudly announces a dynamic rebrand, built on its core values of Empathy, Curiosity, and Excellence. With a mission to inspire consumer brands and empower customer success, TRI-K remains dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions prioritising sustainability and product efficacy.

TRI-K's rebrand is more than just a visual transformation; it represents a renewed commitment to customer success, innovation, and efficacy in every product and interaction. Rooted in our core values of Empathy, Curiosity, and Excellence, this rebrand underscores our dedication to fostering meaningful connections with our customers while driving industry-leading innovation.

Under new management, TRI-K is poised to reach new heights of success, leveraging our deep expertise and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. Our visionary leadership team is dedicated to driving forward-thinking initiatives that propel TRI-K to the forefront of the industry.

"As we celebrate our 50th birthday, we turn the page and turn the attention to combining our technology, internal resources, and market insights into a growth catalyst for beauty brands around the world. We have developed a 10-year strategic roadmap, a mix of organic and inorganic initiatives, delivering value for our customers, shareholders, and our employees. We will stand out by being a unique package of customer attentiveness, product performance, and employee commitment,” said Rusmir Niksic, President & CEO.

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