Three formulations to help you flash a smile

Published: 14-Nov-2019

Oral care products that are environmentally friendly are growing in demand, so the following formulations include a chew-and-rinse product that dispenses with the need for a tube. The other two formulations meet consumers’ desire for mild products, especially when it comes to their children

Cosmetics Business rounds up the latest oral care products that are environmentally and child friendly.

From chew-and-rinse products to milder products – here are four active formulations:

Formulation 1

BASF’s Chew-n-Rinse Tablet formulation offers on-the-go oral care. The user can just chew, add water then rinse.

Three formulations to help you flash a smile

Formulation 2

This kid’s toothpaste from Evonik is mild (sulfate and CAPB-free) but also foams well.

Three formulations to help you flash a smile


Disperse the Blanose into the water (swelling time 45-60 minutes). Components of phase B are added while mixing, using vacuum if necessary. Mix for 5-10 minutes. Phase C components are added to the premixed dispersion at a low mixing speed.

Once added, increase mixing speed (15-20 minutes). During mixing start process vacuum. During mixing add flavour oil. Components of phase E are added using a low mixing speed.

After that the whole mixture must be dispersed using vacuum for about 10 minutes. Finished toothpaste can be filled into tubes.

Formulation 3

A gentle toothpaste containing 45% Omyacare S 80-AV from Omya with a smooth cleansing effect.

Three formulations to help you flash a smile


Phase A: combine sorbitol with all powders and mix under strong agitation. Add water and stir to make a homogeneous texture. Add phase B step-by-step to phase A. Add phase C step-by-step under strong agitation and homogenise.

Stir slowly and cool down to room temperature. Add phase D under slow agitation, optionally under vacuum. Add flavourings under slow agitation.

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