The opportunity for formulations worldwide: Provital's 'Rising Stars Challenge' 2nd Edition

Published: 28-Sep-2023

A unique chance to show your talent in formulating personal care products, achieving a significant impact in the cosmetic industry

After the great success of the first edition, Provital organises the 2nd edition of 'The Rising Stars Challenge'. Just as it was in 2022, the contest remains exclusive to students of cosmetic formulation from all the world.

In line with our ‘Do Care’, we want to continue supporting international cosmetic students seeking to join this amazing industry, providing them with an opportunity to become part of this incredible sector.

Following what was done last year, in this challenge the students have to create a formula that must include the Provital ingredient that is assigned to them. Also, having in mind that creativity, originality, and cosmetic knowledge are three key attributes that will serve as criteria to the jury to evaluate each of the proposals. This jury is again composed of excellent professionals, experts in different areas and with a degree of professionalisation and veracity.

This year there will be a novelty compared to last year, and that is that the contest will be divided into two phases.

Phase 1: presentation of the project

All the students have to present the formula in a technical index card, following the instructions below:

  • The formula will have to contain a minimum of 90% of natural ingredients.
  • The packaging is totally free but will value positively the sustainability.
  • The form of the cosmetic product will be totally free for the election of the candidate, valuing positively the design of minimalist’s formulations.

The jury will evaluate and decide which proposals are candidates to be finalists (3 by the 11 subcategories that compose this contest) and then, they will select the winner for each subcategory. The formulations of these 11 finalists will be included in the Rising Stars’ materials, and in Provital’s social media. The same jury, then, will decide who are the winner, and the second and the third rewards of these 11 finalists, independently of the subcategory to which belong.

Phase 2: creation of the formula

This year, the 11 finalists will have the opportunity to create the formula so the jury can evaluate other parameters as stability, texture, colour, etc., deciding then a winner for this contest’s phase.

The official language of the contest is English, and the register is totally free. The 3 winners of the 1st phase and the one from the 2nd phase will receive a monetary award, and laboratory equipment provided from Misceo.

The process of registrations will be opened 1st of November, stay tuned!

All the information is available on Provital’s website.

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