The microbiome is in vogue: "The Microbiome-friendly" seal now awarded to cosmetic product number 100

Published: 9-Jan-2022

The seal is awarded to products that meet certain strict criteria

Several well renowned brands in the United States, such as Beekman 1802, Crude, Codex Beauty and Dr. Elsa Jungmann have secured themselves the Quality Seal “Microbiome Friendly”.

The seal is awarded to products that meet certain strict criteria with regard to the impact – or rather, lack of impact – on the skin microbiome.

“We are beyond pleased with this year’s development”, says CEO Dr. Kristin Neumann. “The cooperation with our customers is incredibly fun. Most of them are very quality focused and have developed first class formulations that the customers will benefit from.”

MyMicrobiome has up until December 2021 certified more than 100 products in total.

Until recently, the community of microbes that lives both on us and in us all didn’t attract much attention. But this has changed dramatically over the last decade or two: Research has opened up a huge cosmos with myriad possible and established connections to our health:Our microbiome.

The microbiome is the sum of all microorganisms, such as bacteria, that live in a defined space.

Our body, or parts of our body such as our gut are examples of such spaces. And the microorganisms are many: There are about as many microbes on and in a human being as there are human cells.

Therefore, we stand to gain from staying friends with this plethora of co-inhabitants. If the skin microbiome is dysfunctional the result can be psoriasis, eczema, and acne.

In order to support the skin microbiome, one should use microbiome friendly skin care products and cosmetics only.

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