The importance of contract manufacturing

Published: 19-Jun-2019

Operating in today’s hyperactive markets means Legacy and Indie brands are under more pressure than ever to deliver product and services around the clock. This requires careful planning, consistent value creation, and high-quality finished goods.

However, even the best strategy and tactical planning can be stymied by an underdeveloped, increasingly complex or unhealthy supply chain. Choosing a Contract Manufacturing Organization that exceeds needs, is trustworthy and aligned with brand-values provides ease-of-mind and enables Brand Managers to focus on the most important aspects of the business.

Contract Manufacturers are more than a supply chain vendor, they partner with brands to provide solutions for compounding, filling, and product development.

The best ones recognize and treat your products as if they were their own, are thorough in their operations, and are dedicated to quality and transparency. However, vetting and selecting the right partner can prove difficult depending on how contract manufacturing fits into current organizational structures.

It is critical to assess the short and long-term practicality of outsourcing by accounting for all variables, including timelines, budgets and human elements involved in the selection process. Establishing clear expectations and weighing pros and cons, can reduce the stress associated with candidate selection and approval.

CoValence Laboratories is an FDA registered, ISO certified, cGMP compliant contract manufacturer, offering premium products, cutting-edge ingredients, and innovative OTC and cosmetic product solutions in shorter lead-times.

As a 100% employee-owned company with 30 years of experience, we have a unique understanding of markets and a fastidious commitment to the quality of finished goods produced at our facility. The extra attention goes above and beyond simple quality inspections or checks-and-balances but takes into consideration the totality of needs in a holistic way.

Choosing a contract manufacturing partner means to shift production into the hands of a 3rd party. It should be a partner with relevant professional experience that specializes in the kinds of goods and materials you need. Moreover, it should be one focused on gaining your business and ultimately, your trust.

To learn more about our capabilities, visit our website or phone in to speak with our specialists.

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