Stora Enso announces eco travel packaging award winners

Published: 8-May-2014

Patricia Mansfield-Devine reports from Rennes on the winners of the Finnish packaging firm\'s competition

Finnish packaging firm Stora Enso has announced the winners of its eco travel packaging competition, which it organised in collaboration with Aalto University’s International Design Business Management (IDBM) Programme. They are: Have a Nice Trip by German designer Arthur Schmidt (first place); Travel Shaver by Ville Merisalo, Antti Ojala and August Salo (second place); and Reloaded by Duncan K Anderson and Jenna Parkkinen (third place).

Have a Nice Trip is a family of moisture-proof primary dose packs of shampoo, shower gel and body lotion covered by a protective sleeve that offers ample printing space for branding and communication. The competition jury said the packaging was: “logistically efficient and protects the contents well” and “could be easily incorporated in a beauty care product family as a supplementary travel version.”

The Travel Shaver uses a combination of renewable carton board and corrugated materials instead of plastic packaging, while Reloaded uses barrier-coated board for primary packaging and corrugated board for secondary packaging.

The idea of the competition is to challenge conventional thinking and the use of materials in packaging, and to use materials such as tree-sourced polymers rather than oil-derived products. “A key motivator of the competition was the recognition that cur- rent packaging practices and solutions are not always innovative and do not use the full potential of new materials and design,” said Professor Mikko Koria of Aalto University.

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