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Published: 28-Feb-2023

Ginkgo biloba, a supercentenarian tree with unique characteristics

Ginkgo biloba is a sacred tree throughout the Far East because of its exceptional longevity. It is currently considered to be the oldest tree species on the planet and can live beyond the age of 1,000 years. It has resisted every cataclysm and this botanical miracle appears to have undergone no physiological evolution. Over centuries, the foliage remains exuberant, the seeds are consistently fertile, growth of the trunk is not slowed and the immune system does not weaken. The biological features of Ginkgo biloba favor its survival and its resistance to chronological aging.

SILAB was inspired by the extraordinary capacity of Ginkgo biloba to withstand the test of time and by the powerful immune system of this supercentenarian tree with a unique anti-aging biological heritage. The company thus decided to beneficially use its green leaves in its latest anti-senescence active ingredient, SENEVISIUM®. To this end, two French farms (Champagne and Ardèche regions) of Ginkgo biloba, certified organic and biodiversity-friendly, were selected for the supply.

What is senescence?

As a fibroblast divides, it ages and when it has consumed its division capital it enters senescence: it no longer divides but remains metabolically active. Senescence is thus a central factor of aging, controlled by the immune system that effectively locates and eradicates senescent cells that are harmful to the cutaneous environment. Over time, however, some senescent fibroblasts implement immunoevasion strategies to avoid being eliminated.

Thanks to novel in vitro and in vivo modeling studies, SILAB revealed the accentuation of the immunoevasion mechanism at the level of the skin after the age of 60, inducing profound changes (wrinkles, dull complexion, loss of elasticity and senescence spots).  

Through its targeted action, SENEVISIUM® is able to restore the natural elimination of immunoevasive senescent fibroblasts by the immune system by circumventing their two immoevasion pathways.

Rapid anti-aging benefits for mature skin

By allowing deleterious immunoevasive senescent fibroblasts to be recognized again and eliminated, SENEVISIUM® protects the skin from their harmful effects on matrix synthesis and epidermal renewal.

Tested at 2% in Caucasian volunteers, SENEVISIUM® enables the skin to restore its density and elasticity. The stage of wrinkles is reduced and complexion radiance is enhanced. The volunteers themselves confirm these results since 100% of them find their skin firmer, and their complexion lighter and more uniform after 28 days of treatment.

A true longevity concentrate, SENEVISIUM® is recommended in all care products for mature skin.


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