Sozio expand its perfume team

Published: 10-Feb-2022

Pierre Bouley earns promotion to Junior Perfumer

After several years of interning alongside his high school and university studies, Pierre graduated from Rutgers with Magna Cum Laude Honors and looks forward to further advancing his dreams of becoming a creative perfumer.

Pierre has experienced the world of fragrance since he was a child due to his mother, Dominique Bouley, Chief Perfumer at Sozio, sharing with him her expertise and passion for perfumery. He draws inspiration from all around like his mother, but believes that the inspiration also finds him – smelling a work in progress and letting it carry him into a fantastic masterpiece.

Along with his years of experience within different departments and his inherited admiration for fragrance, we know that he will contribute to Sozio’s success!

Pierre commented on his appointment, “It is a great joy to officially be part of the Sozio team. Sozio has a rich legacy that I hope to contribute to, while also being able to learn from its wealth of history and experts. I’m looking forward to this new chapter in my career, and the beginning of a journey with Sozio!”

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