Society of Cosmetics Scientists Summer Lectures and Charity Fund Raising

Published: 14-Jun-2016

Two excellent lectures at the annual summer event for UK South West region took place on Tuesday 14 June 2016 at Leigh Court, Abbots Leigh, Bristol

The SCS Annual Summer Lectures was introduced by SCS President Dr Ruth Borner who rapidly got down to the business of the day introducing the two excellent lectures.

First up was "The Power of Patents in the Cosmetics Industry" , a great insight into the purpose, process and power of the Patent. For serious ideas and inventions they are essential and the talk by Sarah Klaczynska, a patent attorney for Gill Jennings & Every, outlined the process, timings and costs involved. The deal is as follows; disclose your brilliant invention and then be protected from others using the same idea. Theoretically allowing the world to benefit from an increase in knowledge whilst the inventors and owners of the Patent are rewarded by it's commercial exploitation and protection of their idea. The key lessons were, when and how your rights can be enforced. It's not for the faint hearted but if your ideas worth protecting you will need part of your investment to be spent in this area.

The second talk titled "Courageous Product Innovation" was given by Sarah Klaczynska a charismatic retail/brand professional. Open your mind, seek ideas from others in a focused way and then make sure you meet the criteria for a good idea. Need (make sure there is demand); Greed (make sure it makes money); Succeed (make sure it works) and Speed (get it to market fast). Sarah also talked about communicating ideas by connecting with your audience (be that one or many) in a way that meets their own particular needs. The message is simple empathy provides a route for cooperation and agreement.

After the serious stuff the fun began raising funds for Look good Feel Better. Stalls of chance, stalls of skill (I tell you coconuts are hard to hit at 10 paces) and stalls of mystery ensured some much needed donations flowed towards this worthy cause. The SCS looks after its members interests, educates and pursues its charitable causes with a friendly enthusiasm that makes it stand out from its peers. I look forward to their next event, if in the mean time you are interested in their activities please contact Gem Bektas at the Society of Cosmetic Scientists (see link below).

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