Siltech introduces silicone elastomer gel during the Cosmetics Business Live trade event

Published: 3-May-2021

The Cosmetics Business Live trade event begins 10 May 10

Silmer Sustain-H is a novel silicone elastomer gel diluted in a sustainable biobased hemisqualane carrier. Silmer Sustain-H exhibits many of the performance benefits that consumers have come to love from silicone elastomer gels, with the added feature of improved sustainability.

The product provides cushion, moisturisation and a silky smooth sensorial in skin and sun care products. It excels at providing uniform colour and powder dispersion in make-up.

Silmer Sustain-H exhibits slightly longer playtime on the skin than traditional elastomer gels offered in carriers such as cyclopentasiloxane or isododecane. The INCI name is C13-15 Alkane (and) Dimethicone/Vinyl Dimethicone Crosspolymer.

Siltech will also unveil several new personal care formulations during CB Live, highlighting the performance of several specialty offerings. The performance of Siltech’s innovative surfactant, Silsurf Di-T108, will be on display in clear shampoo and body wash formulations.

Silsurf Di-T108 excels as an adjuvant surfactant, taming the salt/viscosity response in these sulfate-free formulas, while eliciting superior foaming and a silky after-feel on both hair and skin.

Silmer Sustain-H will be featured in a premium sensorial hydrating gel formulation. Siltech’s innovative Silube 316 invert emulsifier continues to impress formulators and will be featured in a new sunscreen formula, where it provides not only excellent emulsification, but superior after-feel.

The alkyl dimethicone wax Silwax B116 provides much improved white-cast rub-out in that same sunscreen formula, Sundazed II, which displays reef-safe (Zinc Oxide active), people-safe (favorable Environmental Working Group ratings) and renewable, sustainable ingredients (93% biobased formulation).

The following formulations are new for 2021:

Siltech introduces silicone elastomer gel during the Cosmetics Business Live trade event

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