Siltech will introduce its newest specialty ingredient at the FLSCC Sunscreen Symposium

Published: 4-Sep-2023

Siltech will introduce its newest specialty ingredient offering for personal care at the FLSCC Sunscreen Symposium in Orlando, FL on September 13th. Siltech is a Platinum sponsor for the event and is proud to continue a long-standing tradition of delivering innovations for improving sunscreen performance

Siltech® CA Plus is a super-hydrophobic Q resin modified silicone that excels at dispersing pigments and sunscreen filters. It is ideally suited for makeup and sunscreens, wherein it imparts water-repellency and emolliency, while also providing a smooth sensorial.

Siltech® CA Plus benefits are featured in Siltech’s newest example formulations for cosmetics and sunscreens, including Mineral Manifestation, a 40+ in-vitro SPF sunscreen formula that utilizes an all-mineral UV filter package.

The INCI name for Siltech® CA Plus is Dimethiconol/Caprylylsilsesquioxane/ Silicate Crosspolymer.

Siltech specialises in the development, manufacturing and marketing of a full line of specialty ingredients for personal care applications including organo-functional silicones. Siltech offers solutions for improving functional attributes such as wetting, conditioning, emulsification, film formation and more in cosmetic formulations and specialises in customisation to meet customer needs.

With more than 30 years of experience and two manufacturing facilities, Siltech remains committed to supporting the personal care industry.

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