ROUNDI dropper pack developed by UA PACKGING

Published: 2-Jan-2024

UA Packaging is excited to share the news that UA's self-developed ROUNDI DROPPER has officially launched

It combines a trending ball style and bulb dropper to help beauty brands achieve a differentiated, but also timeless and elegant product image. Mould tooling was the most challenging part of the development process.

Any defects like shrinkage, an embossed parting line, or shot short would ruin this design, so tooling development costs were more than that of a regular cap and bottle.

In numerical terms, more than 300pcs test samples took 80 days of tooling: two times that of regular components.

UA Packaging aims to ensure user experience and quality matches client expectations. Although this model is a stock model, which is ready-to-produce for any beauty brand, this timeless design meets the balance between exclusive icon and plain shape perfectly to achieve an unforgettable product image.

What’s more, any design style, whether luxury, artistic or playful, can fit this model well (please refer to below examples).

If you have any concepts in mind, UA Packaging can provide fast and high quality rendering for you to check the performance.

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