Full plastic luxury airless comes out!

Published: 18-Apr-2023

Refillable, crystal look and recyclable - Glass airless: 30/50ml and Plastic airless: 30/50ml

New on-trend sustainable pack standards are Reduce, Reuse and Recyclable and here are the details of each word:

  • Reduce plastic use compared with normal models in the market
  • Reuse consumed plastic or other material;
  • Material and design of packaging matches mainstream recycling system to achieve zero waste

And it's good to see that REFILL is normal answer to sustainable pack for high value luxury product and even becomes must-have feature in decision for most beauty brands but problem is that refill design only realises Reduce and Reuse but recyclable can't because most refillable packaging is modified from stock models directly not redesigned revolutionarily. And here are the reasons.

Full plastic luxury airless comes out!

This innovation meets all requirements that Reduce, Reuse and Recyclable and fulfils our commitment "At UA, we will help you identify appropriate sustainability goals and give kinds of solution, while not having to compromise on quality, custom design possibilities and use experience at all." There are two models that heavy wall glass airless and heavy wall PET airless.

Full plastic luxury airless comes out!

Revolutionary design doesn't influence timeless shape

  • Features of this model that timeless look, crystal heavy wall whatever PET or glass and refillable airless makes it versatile for all luxury beauty and all beauty products.
  • There's no tricky design in aspect of use experience, everything is same as normal model so consumer doesn't have to learn a new even exclusive operation.

Full plastic luxury airless comes out!

Contact with UA Packaging to get sample for test and click this link to learn more innovations.

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