ALU-Airless jar, new generation sustainable luxe

Published: 24-Nov-2022

UA packaging continues to build its aluminium packaging portfolio, using endless recyclable natural material to replace plastic as decorative components to highlight the luxury of cosmetics

Aluminum, a naturally recyclable material, creates a luxurious vibe for skincare packaging with its natural metallic shine. UA packaging leverages the versatility of the material to replace plastic for the balance between luxury and sustainability. Adding the new ALU Airless jar into its aluminium packaging portfolio, UA is committed to continuously building a whole series of eco-luxe packaging.

Sustainable is on-trend but still need to be glamour

Traditional luxury packaging represents its high-end style by crystal-like double wall design. Problem is, the heavy outer shell is made of SAN or PMMA material with a recycle number of 7, which means the material is difficult, and in some regions impossible, to recycle. What’s more, the transparent shell is just for decoration and literally an unnecessary part for the packaging. In areas where there are no advanced recycling facilities, the entire packaging will end up in landfill.

ALU Airless Jar replaces heavy wall plastic with endless recyclable aluminium, compared to traditional luxury airless models in market, ALU Airless reduce 50% of plastic use, eliminating extra plastic waste for decorative purpose only. Aluminium has a mature recycling system that is
compatible with recycling facilities around the world. Switch to ALU Airless, creating a new generation of sustainable luxe and answering the call of circular economy.

Airless systems safeguard the potency of your formula

Although pure packaging is well-received for its story-telling sustainability, aluminium packaging is mostly found on mass-produced products that do not contain valuable ingredients in their formulas. Here are the reasons: plain aluminium packaging allows air to enter the aluminium
container and oxidise some sensitive ingredients. Also, aluminium itself reacts easily with many high performance ingredients such as acid.

The ALU Airless Jar consists of an airless container inside that uses a one-way valve system to perform flow control. With this internal structure, ALU Airless effectively blocks air from entering into the container and prevent internal oxidation. Active ingredients can stay potent and safe, and brands can reduce the amount of preservatives in their formula.

Easy separation to recycle the entire packaging

A notable problem for recycling multi-material packaging is separation and sorting. Glued aluminium shell are not acceptable by recycling facility because the aluminium and plastic cannot be separated. To solve this problem, the ALU Airless Jar adopts a glue-free screw design, so the aluminium and plastic can easily be separated, then be sorted for recycling.


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