DOUBLE PCS Aluminium cap by UA Packaging

Published: 17-Jan-2023

UA Packaging shares all the advantages of their new DOUBLE PCS Aluminium cap

This innovation fulfils our belief in aspect of sustainability that GO GREEN shouldn’t have to compromise on upscale look, custom design possibilities and modern use experience.

Fully recyclable pack and lowest plastic usage in premium glass pack you can find in market.

Although still some plastic is still needed for sealing, they’re easy to be separated to achieve 100% recyclable pack.

DOUBLE PCS Aluminium cap by UA Packaging

Why is this game changing solution?

Now more and more beauty brands choose glass pack as alternative of plastic pack to meet on-trend sustainability but we think that replacing plastic jar with glass shouldn’t be ultimate answer of GO-GREEN that consumer is becoming more eco-conscious and has stricter, more extreme need increasingly in aspect of sustainability. It’s just halfway and here are some reasons:

Unrecyclable plastic cap

  • Material of most stock model is AS, ABS which is recognised unrecyclable
  • Decorated plastic especially metallic finish is hardly recycled.
  • Such a big plastic component isn’t able to meet stricter need of sustainability in future.

Its sustainability matches market need but does it match your product positioning too?

Upscale look is still the most priority to elevate or locate brand image. Although glass jar which has same concept can be found easily in supply market, it seems not well-received in all range of consumer market from mass level to luxury beauty.

No-compromising sustainable pack solution from UA Packaging

This DOUBLE PCS Aluminium cap solves all defect of single piece one that easy-deformation, visible thread, too lightweight. And provides flush shape look and no compromising custom design that no difference from plastic cap at all.

Safe and comfortable

Because of thin aluminium plate, rough cross section and sharp edge is defect happening in aluminium shell component, makes touch feeling uncomfortable. But UA solves this problem by advanced curling die tech.

Custom colour & print

Its endless custom design possibilities are nearly same as plastic cap like print, varnish, matt finish, plain metallic finish, mirrored metallic finish.

DOUBLE PCS Aluminium cap by UA Packaging

Custom size matching kinds of jar

Custom tooling service is available for brand to match different jar sizes whatever glass or plastic. This versatile model can be used in all beauty fields like face cream, body cream Also fast growing baby care product which requires no harmful whatever formula or packaging.

Cost-effective aluminium mold

Embossed, debossed logo and are well-received way to show uniqueness and available on this cap too. What’s more, pricing of metal molding mold is much better than plastic injection mold, kindly contact with us to get this surprising number.

DOUBLE PCS Aluminium cap by UA Packaging

Now stock model is 100ml size.

Welcome to contact with us to get more detail introduction and fast solution to your project.

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