Protameen hair styling wax

Published: 26-Aug-2014

A1DI Water 70.000
A2Carbopol Ultrez-21 (Lubrizol (Protameen))0.250
B1Protacide NA2-P (Protameen)0.050
B2dl-Panthenol (Protameen)0.200
B3Glycerin, 99% (Protameen)2.000
C1Anhydrous Protalan (Protameen)1.500
C2Protachem HCO-40 (Protameen)1.000
C3Protalan Wax (Protameen)18.000
C4Protachem CS-50 (Protameen)4.000
C5Shea Butter0.500
D1Fixate Design Polymer (Lubrizol (Protameen))1.000


1. Meter DI Water (A1) into main tank, sprinkle Carbopol Ultrez-21 (A2) on top, allow to self-wet (with no agitation).
2. Once Phase A is completely wetted out, begin propeller agitation of batch, add Phase B ingredients one at a time. Begin heating to 75-80°C.
3. In auxiliary tank, combine all ingredients of Phase C, mix and heat 75-80°C, until homogenous.
4. Once both phases are homogeneous, slowly add Phase C into main tank with Phase AB.
5. Mix until homogeneous, being careful not to aerate the batch.
6. Remove from heat, begin cooling to 50-55°C
7. Add Fixate Design Polymer (D1) to main
8. Add Triethanolamine (D2) to neutralise batch
9. Add Preservative (D3)
10. Add Fragrance (D4)

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