Pipette duo matches sustainability with latest design

Published: 9-May-2024

Vetroplas has launched a new range of monomaterial PP droppers – available in both a traditional pipette  style which adopts the design codes of the classic pipette and a more contemporary push button dropper which is heralded as an industry first.

Supplied in conjunction with its Italian partner Eurovetrocap, and in keeping with their constant quest to  provide sustainable products, both dropper styles are recyclable through existing channels. 

The Minerbio mono dropper 

The Minerbio Mono Dropper offers two standard dip tube lengths to fit the existing classic 15ml and 30ml  Laura premium glass bottles (which are also available in 90 per cent recycled glass). The PP bulb has a satin  finish and uses an innovative polymer to creative maximum flexibility. The PP collar is available in both a matt  and gloss finish which can also be produced in recycled PIR (post-industrial resin). 

The PP dip tube features a straight, slightly conical shape, a pencil tip, and an excellent level of translucency  thanks to specialised manufacturing materials, and it is assembled with the collar and PP bulb like the classic  glass pipettes. 

Another benefit of both the bulb and collar being produced in PP is that colour matching can be offered on  each item, further broadening design possibilities. 

The Parigi push button dropper 

This polypropylene monomaterial push button dropper signals a genuine innovation in a market which has  seen little change for decades. Unlike existing traditionally shaped monomaterial alternatives, this is a brand new design with strong visual impact and a push button delivery system.  

The Parigi dropper features an external PP collar with a matte finish which houses the button and pipette. The  round button is flat, with a contrasting gloss finish to indicate where to press. The functionality of the button is  achieved thanks to a mixture of PP (25%) and an innovative PP copolymer (75%) formulated to achieve  elasticity. It delivers a 375 μl dose.  

The PP dip tube has a slightly conical shape and a pencil tip. The upper part is an insert (inner ring) that grips  into the collar, sealing the button and consolidating the dropper. All components are fully recyclable with no  separation required.  

Parigi is also available with recycled PP content. In the standard recycled version, the collar is produced from  recycled material (>95%), while the button blends 25% recycled material, representing about 38% of the total  weight of the dropper in length for 15ml and about 35% in length for 30ml.  

Vetroplas managing director Simon Dix adds “The Parigi dropper is one of the most ambitious new packaging  innovations undertaken by Eurovetrocap. Its complex structure has taken several years to develop but we  now have a unique new offering for 15ml and 30ml glass bottles, combining distinctive aesthetics with 100 per  cent recyclability, making it ideal for high end oils and serums. For customers looking for a more classic  option, the Minerbio shares the sustainability advantages of Parigi with a more familiar silhouette.”  



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