PCHi Technology Summit 2022 - JAKA successfully held the specialised seminar

Published: 7-Oct-2022

PCHi Technology Summit 2022 - Colloquium on cutting-edge dermatological research was successfully held by JAKA in Guangzhou Yuexiu International Conference Center

There were 5 presentations throughout the conference, which were loaded with knowledge and were recognised and supported by the guests.

1. Originated from nature, returned to nature - The application of plant active ingredients in cosmetics plants are closely related to our life. By explaining the concept of green and the importance of research on natural ingredients, Prof. Li gave an in-depth analysis of the application of natural ingredients in delaying ageing, including moisturizing, barrier repair, anti-inflammation, whitening, sun protection, etc.

2. Establishment of an oil control evaluation system based on the whole life cycle of sebaceous glands Because of the direct correlation between enlarged pores and overactive sebaceous glands, Ms. Lu explored the whole life cycle of sebaceous glands, and directly addressed the three stages of sebaceous glands - initiation, activation and release, thus establishing a comprehensive oil control evaluation system to solve the sebum secretion problem from the root.

3. Exploring drivers of skin microecology - The skin is a complex ecosystem inhabited by millions of microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The homeostasis of this ecosystem is highly relevant to skin health. Prof. Wang leads us to revisit the skin as an ecosystem from the perspective of classical ecology and explore the underlying drivers of microbial community changes. 

The factors mainly include 1) selective pressures from the host and the environment - nutrients, which are the fundamental energy substances on which skin microbes depend; 2) the skin microenvironment: microbial adaptation to the skin environment and microbial interactions occupying specific ecological niches; 3) the way skin microbes reshape the host skin phenotype, such as skin barrier, photoprotection, body odour, and effects on wound healing.

4. Advances in skin ageing research based on single cell transcriptomics - This session showcased JAKA's latest research to explore the latest mechanisms of skin ageing based on multi-omics and single-cell sequencing technologies and microecology and ageing correlation, respectively. We also shared JAKA's self-developed cellular ageing model that simulates natural ageing and photoageing, based on which we can verify the effects of NOTCH-HES1 and other pathways on skin ageing.

5. Exploration of a novel mechanism of autophagy pathway that won a Nobel Prize to prevent hair loss. Nowadays, people attach more and more importance to scalp health, and anti-hair loss products is still an immediate need in the beauty economy, while how to activate hair follicles is the ultimate goal of hair loss prevention. Ms. Geng elaborated on the new technique of hair follicle activation - cellular autophagy, which is also used in our anti-hair loss product - Hairdian AP. With the vision of Inspiring Beauty of Future, JAKA teams up with experts and professors in different fields of the industry to bring an academic feast on the latest dermatological research with a wide range of topics and multi-dimensional content.

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